by Tree Tops

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Sorta blues-rock meets funky soul meets garage juke jammin.

Tree Tops is a progressive groove rock band from Knoxville, TN. Here to deliver nothing but the good stuff, their new single "Stonefacin" has been declared the "sauciest new single in K-Town". Check it out, and stay tuned for the release of their debut full-length album Ghosts Don't Dance with Shoes, out March 17th!



Stonefacin. You're wastin your time tryna dig me
But go and keep throwin your **** while it's bouncin
Keep playin, keep playin your game, cuz, you're losin
Stonefacin. You're wastin your time tryna dig through my apathy

So tell me just what popped in your head
Made you think that I give a damn bout your two cents?
Did alpha male just find his style cramped
Thought that he might try to cut my rug in a dance?
Or are you just a bug buggin, and you thought you had a chance
To crawl up in the skin of a bigger man?

You think you spike your tone, I'll toss a bone
But I got mind to know some apes ain't worth the **** they throw
With every sound you make and every poke
Small, smaller you grow; talk so big to be micro
That's your plan, though - grow small enough you climb in my pores
Make this stoneface yours, grab and steal; you took my head
And I want you dead

I was always the calm one
Never saw myself come undone
Friends, peers, yell, jeer, turn to tears
When madness came and had his fun
I was always the calm one
Kept his head on
Head like the sun

You're just comin at me cause I'm all you see
Drawn in like the rest of the cosmic debris
Go on, try to tell me I'm much too heavy
*****, I'm massive, so come at me jabbin, watch me snap, that's the last thing you see


released March 10, 2017
Tree Tops is:
Jon Mann - drums, percussion
Cory Smith - guitar, vocals
David Webb - guitar, vocals

Additional personnel:
Chris Pope - keys
Jack Willard - bass

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Chris Pope
Produced by Chris Pope and Tree Tops

Artwork by Kyle Kelly




Tree Tops Knoxville, Tennessee

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